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Established in July 2000

The Dennie Adventure officially began on July 15, 2000 when we said our 'I do's'.  At the time, Robby was working in state government and I was about to begin graduate school.  Between work and school, we even managed to travel a bit.

Fast forward five years

In September 2005 we welcomed our first child and the journey continued with the addition of five more over the next six years. With three boys and three girls, there's not many dull moments around here between school, church and travels.


Sixteen years and thousands of miles later...
It's been awhile since the days of graduate school and government work, but we've made it to all fifty states and the kids are seasoned travelers as well. While we love to be on the road, most days we are plugging along taking it one day at a time.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy a snapshot of our adventure!

A visit to Moss Mountain Farm

I was recently invited to visit P. Allen Smith's Garden Home at Moss Mountain Farm, along with other Arkansas Women Bloggers, to learn more about the the GIFT College Investing Plan, a 529 program offered by the State of Arkansas. It was a fun day of touring his home, a fabulous lunch and learning more about investing for college.

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